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Custom Engagement Rings For Brides And Grooms

Are you going to propose your loved ones this weekend? No proposal is better than a diamond ring, right? But what if the diamond ring has an added advantage? Diamond rings can be customized with your names and other text. Surprising right? Well, there are many services offered by online stores for engagement rings. The Custom Engagement Rings by Online stores makes it even special. There are many models available for personalized rings. You can add your loved one’s name, your name, any quote, text and anything you want. Following are the types available under the category custom engagement rings in Online stores.

There are custom designs for engagement rings offered by online jewelry stores as follows.

  • Stackable rings: These are rings that are exclusively available on Online stores. The rings are arranged as stacks. You can customize names or texts on them. You can buy them as a single stack ring or you can buy them individually. You can stack the individual rings into the single ring as per your choice.
  • Cocktail rings: These are custom engagement rings exclusively made by online stores. If you wish to propose by giving a simple and luxurious ring then this can be your choice. You can find these rings made from diamond, gold, silver and rose gold. These are stuffed with diamond rings and gemstones giving them a royal look.
  • Signet rings: You can get personalized rings made of alphabets, initials, names, or other texts in these custom engagement rings. You can engrave names and symbols on them to depict your love.
  • Knot rings: A knot represents the connection and bonding. It can also be a symbolic representation of your connection leading to the wedding. Online stores make various custom knot designs.
  • Name shaped ring: These rings are made in the shape of your name. You can get these rings in no shape but with your loved one’s name. You can see the name directly on the fingers. It helps to always remember them forever. You can get these rings that can be worn on a single finger or jointly by two fingers. You can gift these rings to your girlfriend/boyfriend, the bride-to-be, groom-to-be, mom, dad, sister, brother, and friends.
  • Engraved rings: These are the most bought custom engagement rings. These rings have the names or text directly on the ring. You can engrave special things like birth dates, anniversary dates, the name of the couples, and whatever you wish for.
  • Monogram rings: If you want your loved one’s initial or monogram in a different contemporary font, then you can go for engraved monogram rings.

There are exclusive designs for perfect engagement from online stores.

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