Girl’s Footwear Style Guide: Selecting Casual or Dress Sneakers

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Ever since girls sneakers made their entry into the market, they have been loved by the ladies, and why not. They are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. And today, sneaker obsession is no longer limited to street style fashion. From fashion runways to celebrities, sneakers are adorning all womens’ feet. If you are looking for trendy sneakers for girls, then below are some stylish options for you –

Platform Sneakers

These are preferably bulky looking shoes that make you look tall and accentuate your overall look. These are the most comfortable girls sneakers as they feature thick soles generally made of rubber or plastic. These are the perfect addition to your summer fashion. Whether you team it with shorts, jeans, or a floral dress, you will make a solid statement.

 White Kicks

The list of trendy sneakers for girls is incomplete without the mention of white kicks. They have been ruling the section for a couple of years now. Whether it is slip-on, dad, or platform, when it comes to girls sneakers, the color white is ruling the market and hearts. They go perfectly well with flowery dresses, wide-leg pants, or jeans. You can never go wrong with basic white kicks.

Hybrid Sneakers

These girls sneakers are also known as sock boots sneakers or sneaker boots, and they created quite a stir on Instagram. Soon the social media trend picked up significant stores. These hybrid sneakers go well with denim shorts, midi-skirts, and floral skirts.

Cool Dad Sneakers

This was one of those trends that did not catch up initially, but soon people were obsessed with it. If you style this the right way, these girls sneakers would be perfect for casual wear, party wear and even formal wear. While they are perfect running shoes, dad sneakers go elegantly well with pretty dresses as well.

Slip-On Sneakers

For people who do not enjoy putting in last-minute details, slip-on girls sneakers are a perfect choice. People often think slip-ons are boring, which is so not the case.

Big brands like Nike, UCB, Puma, etc. have all come with trendy slip-on sneakers for girls. They are not merely comfortable and convenient to wear, but they look super stylish as well. These features embellishments, sequins, and quirky designs to make things interesting.

Classic Converse

These are among the girls’ sneakers that ladies have always relied on.  You can wear them with denim jeans, skirts, shorts or dresses; they will never fail you. With passing types, brands have been coming up with new designs to keep things interesting.

Final Thoughts

As long as we can remember, sneakers have been a consistent part of our life. But in the past few years, they have taken over the fashion world as well.

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Models are walking down the runway wearing stylish sneakers, and we see celebrities stepping out with stylish sneakers. Above are some of the most popular girl sneakers out there. When styled right, these can get a stylishly casual look.


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