Being a minimalist despite being a fashion-lover – Tips from fashion experts

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Are you someone who hates stuffs just for the sake of owning them? Or do you keep or toss your clothes once in few months? Do you always have the constant fear of accumulating too many clothes at the same time? You might love shopping but at the same time you are also a fashion minimalist. You need to be disciplined with your wardrobe as without this, minimalism in fashion can’t be attained.

Tips from fashion experts

How can you stay a minimalist despite being a fashion-lover? You needn’t fret as we’re going to present the few minimalist fashion trends that will help you retain your minimalistic approach.

1. Maintain a small closet to be a minimalist

Well, this is definitely a no-brainer but being a minimalist, the main goal is to declutter and distribute your clothes to different areas and concentrate only on the essentials. It has been researched and found out that people only wear 20% of their wardrobe which means that 80% of their wardrobe mostly remains untouched. It is true that there are clothes which are meant for occasions and some that are seasonal. Hence, you need to keep a small and organised closet.

2. Throw one out when one is in

If you can live by this rule, you can always remain a fashion-loving minimalist. Whenever you buy a new dress, make sure you donate some of those old ones which you haven’t worn for a really long time. This way, you keep investing in things that bring joy to you but at the same time the doors of the closet will never be overburdened.

3. Decide on a ‘uniform’

Decide on a favorable color palette and this can be done immediately by taking a minute look at the colors that you already have. Do you see a lot of pink, white, mustard or the orange colors? Make sure you choose a few colors and stay within the color palette while you shop. If you’re into wearing graphic t-shirts, you can stick with only white and black colors to keep it minimalist.

4. Say ‘No’ to impulsive buying decisions

You must have rushed to the stores on seeing the word ‘SALE’! Most fashion-lovers do this in order to fill up their virtual cart and we all are guilty about that. You will definitely agree to the fact that most of the times you’ve bought something on sale not because you just loved the minimalist outfits but because it was on a deal that was too crazy to pass. Now that you’re trying to be an organized person, make sure you learn to say ‘No’ to such impulse buys.

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