Personalised Jewellery at Affordable Prices

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Jewellery is often the preferred gift for family members, relatives and close friends, since it is a fashion accessory and also valuable. Yet most of the jewellery available online and in stores is very similar in design and size. One of the the best ways to make the jewellery purchased unique is by purchasing personalised jewellery which is specifically made for a particular person. Your Jewellery Shop NZ is one of the most reputed online jewellery stores in New Zealand offering a wide range of personalised jewellery to suit the requirement of their customers. There are multiple options available in terms of personalisation, jewellery type, design and precious metal, stones used.

Customers can choose from different custom jewellery at the online retailer. One of the most popular options is having the name of the person in the necklace pendant. The necklace pendant is available in various sizes and fonts based on the choice of the buyer. Pendants with the name of the couple are also available. Alternately only the initials of the couple or individual may be used for the pendant. Similarly the ring or bracelet purchased may be personalised by having the initial or entire name of the person or couple who will wear the jewellery

Other options for personalisation of the jewellery are engraving the name of the person wearing it. This personalisation option is easier compared to making name jewelry, so the jewelry can be delivered faster after placing the order. For each jewelry where the engraving option is available, the place where the name will be engraved is indicated in the product photo on the jewellery store website. While ordering this jewellery, the customer has to specify the text which has to be engraved on the jewellery. Jewellery for couples can also be customised in a similar way.

Necklaces are the most popular personalised jewellery since the pendant can be easily customised with the name. The necklace may only have the name of the wearer or it may be more intricate jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones. Necklace pendant with birthstones and names engraved are also available. For families, necklaces with all family member names can be provided. Bracelets can also be customised with the name of the individual or couple wearing the bracelet. There are many designs of bracelets available. Similarly rings and earrings can be customised.

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Based on the budget of the jewellery buyer, the jewellery is available in different materials like gold plated silver, gold. 10K gold plated jewellery is the most affordable option, while 18K and 24 K gold jewellery is more expensive. Different coloured stones especially birthstones are also embedded in the jewellery. While ordering the customer should specify the size of the jewellery and also the inscription on the jewellery. Different sizes for children, young adults, and adults are available. The buyer should also specify the inscription or message for the jewellery. It will usually take 15 days to make the jewellery and dispatch it to the customer. The online store offers free shipping for all orders. All the jewellery is affordable, priced below $450.


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