Mix and Match Different Types of Jewelry To Get the Stunning Look

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Have you ever tried or thought to mix and match your jewelry? Sounds bizarre but it gives you a statement look. Style trends change from season to season but name any jewelry and anybody can wear it anytime.

You can be your stylist if you want to. Although it doesn’t end here. Not only jewelry but you can mix different metal jewelry, too. No matter what it is silver or gold.

Different Types of Jewelry

In this blog, we will discuss,

  • Types of Jewelry
  • Attention-grabbing tips to mix and match different types of jewelry

Let’s dive in!

Types of Jewelry

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Necklaces come in many forms. These days millennials and genz both the generations consider wearing ancient necklaces which belong to many different cultures. So first thing first you will get to know about all types of necklaces.

Types of necklaces include chain, locket, opera, princess, choker, festoon, collar necklace, layered one, bib, etc. They have different lengths, too. Each necklace depends on your outfit and the occasion.


Starting from beaded to studded, bracelets have too many options you can consider. They are available in bangles, cuff bracelets, tennis, beaded, charm bracelets, etc.

You can style yourself with these bracelets, from beaches to ballrooms! Get the look!


Rings are your fingers’ best buds! Rings can make your hand look charming! Rings hold sentimental values with the serenity of love, too. Therefore it can’t be considered a type of jewelry only.

However, you should know that types of rings include, engagement rings, promise rings, statement rings, promise rings, wedding bands, birthstone rings, special ones made for babies, Irish Claddagh rings, etc.


Earrings are something that frames the face and embrace its features. One should be very conscious and particular while choosing earrings because not every pair of earrings are always a good fit for a face.

Hoops, studs, chandeliers, threaders, clusters, dangle, Jhumkas, etc are different types of earrings. However, the size of the earrings too matters. Let’s say there are types of large hoops, real gold hoops, medium ones, etc.

Tips to Mix and Match Your Jewelry

You might feel super awkward mixing and matching the jewelry but try to come out of that bubble. And let’s try something different. Not only different jewelry but we will mix metals, too.

Here are some tips to be your stylist:

  • One thing at a time. So one color palette at a time. Pick any one color that goes to your outfit or the occasion. Now time to combine your jewelry.
  • You can layer your necklaces which have different lengths. Same color bracelets with different textures to look edgy and make a statement.
  • Layering the jewelry is the best tip. It can make you look iconic. Wear your chunky necklace and try layering different bracelets.
  • Large earrings with minimal single chain necklace. Small studs or hoops if you have double ear piercing.
  • Men can layer bracelets. They can be studded bracelets, beaded and threaded.
  • Mixing metals can be bold. Layer your gold and silver chains with different lengths.
  • Choose your statement piece ring and wear it with chunky bracelets.
  • And at last, do not forget to wear your confidence. It is the best tip to mix and match with your jewelry.

End Note

Styling your jewelry by mixing and matching it, make you look stunning. No matter which color or metal it is. The experiment above tips and get the look.


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