DIY Tricks to Make Your Home Smell Good

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Homes smell different. While it may be hard to notice how your house smells, you can attest to the fact that your friends’ houses feel different. In the same way, some homes may smell better than others. Many factors cause bad odors in homes. It could be the trash bag you did not take outside, the presence of dirty dishes, expired food, dump clothes, and the mess from your pets.

A good smelling home creates the perfect environment to take a break from the pollution in the city and relaxation. Keeping your home smelling fresh and pleasant is an easy job. Here are some tricks that will make your space smell better.

1.Take the garbage outside

No matter how much you deodorize your house, it will not smell better if you are still clinging to trash. Create a schedule for trash removal to ensure that your home stays smelling good. Also, do not only take the trash outside but also clean the bin with a citrus-scented soap. Baking soda also does a great job of getting rid of the scent. Once you ensure that there is no trash around, you can proceed to the other tricks for making your home smell good.

2.Add plants and flowers

Keeping plants and flowers in your house will go a long way in deodorizing your space. Plants are natural purifiers, and the flowers will add fragrance to your home. You can buy roses online and keep them in a vase in your house until they dry.

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Also, you don’t have to throw away the dry rose petals. You can pluck them, crush them, put them in a beautiful pot, and place them in your living room. They can serve as a decorative piece, and at the same time, keep your home smelling good for a long time.

3.Use fabric conditioner

Fabric conditioner fragrance lasts for a very long time. If you use it on your clothes, you can attest to this. If you are expecting guests in your home, and you are planning on doing some cleaning, use a fabric conditioner. All you need to do is add it to the water you will be using to wipe surfaces. After cleaning, your house will smell of it for a few days before it fades away. Better still, if you have a carpet, use a fabric conditioner when cleaning it. Your house will smell amazing, as long as the carpet stays.

4.Burn scented candles

You can get scented candles at the store and burn them from time to time to freshen up your space. They come in different fragrances: you can choose warm or sweet taste depending on your preferences.

Simmering herbs such as rosemary, lavender, and mint can instantly make your home smell good. The good thing about using herbs to freshen your home is that they have health benefits like reducing stress and promoting better sleep. With the tips above, your house will never smell like a dumpster.


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