A Revolution in the Pearl Industry after Modern Pearl Jewelry took over the Market

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Pearls have always been an all-time favorite of every woman. It is not only a symbol of purity, but also reflects feminism. It suits every attire even if it is a single strand of necklace or a teardrop earring. Even earlier, pearls were used in necklace, rings and earrings.

Out of thousands of oysters only one produces natural pearls. Hence, pearl cultivation was started to increase pearl quantity and bring up many accessories out of it. Otherwise, it was only the elite class who could afford buying it.

Now when time has changed and pearl cultivation has increased in many countries, jewelers have also widened their varieties. Not only jewelry stores, but online sites like Pearls Only have a variety of accessories apart from necklaces and earrings at reasonable price. You can learn here about the online site that brought revolution in the pearl industry after 2003. Instead of buying through channels, they prefer getting pearls directly from Chinese and Japanese pearl farmers.

As time is changing so are various techniques of bringing the best out of every pearl. Apart from accessories that women wear, youngsters too are getting fond of pearls. However, they aren’t much into their ancestral necklace or earrings. Therefore, fashion designers have gone step ahead and used pearls in different forms to make it special for youngsters as well. Now you can also see this gemstone on purses, clutches, handbags, headbands, bracelets, cocktail rings, shoes, jackets, watches etc. You name the item and it can be customized with pearls.

Here are few brands that did splendid work with pearls –

  • Amazing work could be seen in the international fashion trend created by Paris Haute show. Unique ways were used to explore the pearl world and represent splendidly.
  • Gucci has used pearls in a unique where people could wear it in their daily life. Their bags, shoes, all had pearls embedded on them.

Pearl differs in shape and size and it takes a lot of effort to get one size of similar shades of pearls. Often fake pearls will have same shade and overtone which is different for natural pearls. It isn’t difficult to differentiate between two if you have some knowledge and interest about pearls.


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