5 Benefits of buying solitaire earrings

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A pair of solitaire diamond earrings is a must-have for every woman’s jewellery box. Many people get confused when it comes to differentiating between diamond earrings and solitaire earrings. Solitaire earrings are one that consists of only one diamond. Diamonds always make a classic and attractive choice. Also, diamond earrings are very versatile compared to gold or any other earrings as they complement every ensemble be it ethnic, modern, party, or casual.

Diamonds are timeless and never lose their charm, but the benefits of owning diamonds are not just limited to this reason. There are many more advantages to invest in a good pair of diamond solitaire earrings. Apart from complementing various types of ensembles, there is more to the list of solitaire earrings benefits. Diamonds are said to be imbued with strength and protection, and they transfer the same qualities to the wearer. It is also believed that when ladies wear a diamond, their charm gets doubled.

5 Benefits of buying solitaire earrings

There is a lot said and written about types of diamond solitaire earrings one should invest in. Some people prefer the classic and traditional shapes like round-shaped diamond, whereas some people go for unusual shapes which are referred to as ‘fancy-shaped diamonds’. There are various types of fancy-shaped diamonds that you can choose for your solitaire earrings like princess cut, asscher cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, pear-shaped and oval cut. Here are 5 reasons why buying solitaire earrings is a great idea.

1. Compact Size – One of the greatest advantages of buying solitaire earrings is its size. Diamond solitaire earrings are compact in size compared to the gold ones and yet are more expensive. Therefore, diamond solitaire earrings are said to be more precious even when smaller in size.

2. Great Durability – The second advantage of investing in solitaire earrings is its durability. When you buy jewellery, you expect it to be durable and sustain all seasons. Diamonds being one of the hardest stones on planet earth suffices these requirements and make a durable jewellery.

3. Easy Storage – Like discussed earlier, diamonds solitaire earrings are small in size. Thus, they are easy to store. No matter how small your jewellery is, you would want to ensure proper storage of the ornaments for which you pay such a high cost.

4. Unique style – The overall style and look of your diamond solitaire earrings depends largely on the shape of diamonds you choose. For a classic look, you can go with the traditional round-shaped diamonds. Otherwise, you can choose from the many options offered under the fancy-shaped diamonds based on your personal taste. Here are a few popular options provided under fancy-shaped diamonds that will lend your solitaire earrings a unique style quotient.

(a.) Princess cut diamonds – Princess cut diamonds make a perfect choice if you desire to have a sleek modern look

(b.) Cushion cut diamonds – Cushion cut diamonds carry a vintage look and are considered to be the best option to make a romantic gesture

(c.) Asscher cut diamonds – Asscher cut diamonds, often called square-shaped diamonds, are octagonal in shape. These diamonds are strikingly attractive and are best to make a style statement.

(d.) Emerald cut diamonds – Emerald cut diamonds look like they have come straight out of a retro theme and are vivaciously trendy.

(e.) Pear cut diamonds – Pear cut or tear-drop shaped diamonds are high on trend these days for its chic and sophisticated look.

(f.) Marquise shape diamonds – Marquise shape diamonds have a dainty look and are very famous in ladies having a minute eye for details and aesthetics.

5. Choice of shimmer – One quality that sets apart diamonds from all other precious stones is its shimmer. With different sizes, carats, and shapes of diamonds, you get different shine. For the best shimmering solitaire earrings, you can choose diamonds with a brilliant-cut or step cut.


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