Guide for How to Maintain & Apply False Eyelashes

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According to an anonymous study, it is revealed that people who love to put on makeup like to finish with their eye makeup first. The reason is simple; this because eyes define the look of the face. More than half of the makeup feels done if you are done with beautiful eye makeup. One of the essential products in completing the look is falsies or what is generally known as false eyelashes. Now, most people find it difficult to maintain their set of eyelashes, but the Nikkia Joy Cosmetics sensitive lashes are easy to manage and maintain.

People pay the utmost time in taking care of their makeup brushes, beauty blenders, hair styling machines, eyelash curlers, and other remaining tools of makeup. This is so because to use such products on a daily basis requires proper maintenance and upkeep. But sometimes people find it challenging to apply false eyelashes due to their extremely delicate appearance. This somehow results in ignoring how to keep them as well. Following are some tips that will guide you to put your eyelashes like a pro:

Guide for How to Maintain & Apply False Eyelashes

  • Only when you are ready to put on and wear your lashes, gently remove the tray containing lashes from the box. Make sure that you do not discard the tray lid after using the eyelashes.
  • Keeping lashes back in the tray will keep them safe between uses.
  • Use your fingers or tweezers only to remove the lashes from the tray. The lashes produced by NJC are handmade to give you a natural look when you wear them.
  • Be very careful and gentle while you remove the lashes from the tray to avoid any damages. In some lash boxes, you will find that the lashes are places with some glue on it. This is done to keep the lashes safe during transportation.
  • To have a long life of your lashes, apply them only with the lash adhesive. Do not use any random glue on the lash fibers. This is important because while removing the lashes, the glue can damage the hair of lashes.
  • Before removing the lashes, take a small quantity of some makeup remover and apply it to the band of the lash for about 15 seconds.
  • This will make the lashes soft, and you will be able to remove the lashes without causing any damages to it. Use your fingers gently in order to remove the false eyelashes.
  • To safely keep your lashes between uses, do not forget to wash and clean the entire old lash adhesive that is present on the lash band.
  • Keep them back in the plastic tray so that the shape and quality of your false eyelashes remain intact and safe from any damage.
  • Proper maintenance of false eyelashes increases the longevity of them.

Well, that’s all stating about how you can apply and maintain your eyelashes. If you haven’t bought Nikkia Joy Cosmetics sensitive lashes yet, then hurry up and grab yours to look and feel beautiful.


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