Benefits of Using Custom Pens for Your Marketing Campaign

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If you wish to start a new business, you should understand the importance of advertising by using both traditional and digital channels. However, if you do not have proper experience when it comes to advertising, you are going to hit a brick wall.

Therefore, the common problem people have along the way is whether they should do everything by themselves or hire marketing professionals to help them along the way.

Remember that even though you will be able to reach more people than before, finding someone to represent your marketing efforts is not simple task and it can be overwhelming if you do not follow proper guidelines.

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At the same time, finding an appropriate marketing strategy is also challenging especially if you have in mind that determining the right approach will help you reach more people along the way.

One of the most effective ways to reach people and maintain current customer base is to implement promotional items and merchandise in form of pens, shirts, mugs, and wristbands so that you can reduce the expanses and gain additional traction in public.

Remember that this particular marketing approach is not challenging for beginners and it is DIY strategy that will help you reach wide audience.

It is also a perfect starting point, so before you find companies that will help you make them, you should learn why this particular tactic could prove beneficial for your particular company:

1.Cost Effective Solution

Custom Pens

If you check out the marketing expanses that you make on annual basis, you will notice that expanses are significant and that it requires from you to spare an entire capital so that you can reach the perfection.

At the same time, people are often finding affordable and cost-effective ways to reach more people than before. Of course, you may have to spare some expanse for creating and branding promotional pens, but this particular strategy is one of the most affordable ones that you can get.

In most cases, you will be able to buy them in bulk, which means that overall efficiency will be highly affordable when compared with other tactics.

For instance, you may get five hundred of them for three hundred dollars, which is much more affordable than doing direct mail approach or recording and paying for a television advertisement.

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2.Walking Ads

Radio, television and direct mail are also effective ways of promoting yourself, but if you wish to make some strategy highly effective, you have to be able to reach more people and convert them along the way.

When it comes to radio ads, they are popular only for people that are driving cars and other vehicles. Therefore, it will be effective only at moments when the ad goes in the air, so you have to pick the right time and place to do it so that you can reach more people than before.

However, at the moment when ad goes off the air, the person may forget about the company in general. Things are completely different when it comes to promotional pens.

When you design customized pens for your promotional purposes, you will be able to include the address, name of your company, telephone number, web address as well as logo that will raise overall awareness.

Therefore, every single time someone uses that particular pen, they are going to be reminded of your services. Even though they are not currently in need for it, they will develop a need as time goes by, and your company will be the first one that pops into their heads.


Using promotional merchandise is all about usability and functionality. It is useless to give your customers something that they will not use at all, while pens are common and most people have them and require them for numerous reasons.

Promotional pens are highly different from other products and merchandise, because people tend to attend schools and they have usability for pens, which is not the case with other forms. You do not want to give a promotional item that others will throw away soon afterward.

You can find in here: everything about pens and their importance throughout the history.

It is important to understand that marketing does not require million dollar checkbooks and paying for professional help. Sometimes, you just have to be creative and enter the world of promotion through simple things such are custom pens.


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