5 Vintage Ring Styles and How to Find Them Online?

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Everyone in love with fashion will tell you that one of the most exciting parts of it is jewelry. As a part of the entire jewelry thing, there are the rings. Worn on the hands, they come in all kinds of different shapes and styles.

Finding the best one for yourself is not easy if you don’t know where to look. However, when you do find a great place, the satisfaction is beyond great. Finding the perfect ring you’ve been dreaming about for months is something to look forward to.

In this article, we’re talking more about different vintage ring styles and looking for them on the internet. Although in real-life jewelry shops you can find lots of options, it seems that the real thing happens on the internet.

There are more options available there, and most of the trade happens this way. During the Covid-19 crisis, everything switched to the internet, so you should be thinking about this when you’re about to get something new. Follow up to see what we have to offer as advice when it comes to looking for vintage rings.

1. Art Deco Emerald

This is a wonderful stone that looks stunning. It’s advised not to get this for everyday use because it is softer than most precious stones and can easily get damaged. Think about this when you’re having some kind of special event, a gala, or something that won’t make you walk around people, do all sorts of activities.

These things can raise the chance for you to damage the stone. Despite its beauty, it’s not the smartest thing to break it a piece and waste so much money on nothing. However, if you’re having an event that allows it, this can be a wonderful add-on to your complete style. Learn more about Art Deco here.

2. Centuries-old Russian jewelry

Not quite another royalty can enjoy precious stones as the Russian royal families can. These guys knew what style is and they didn’t afraid to show their power through it. Everyone was amazed by the rings Russian emperors had on their hands. It didn’t matter if it’s a queen or kind, they were a clear sign of power.

If you want to feel this way, make sure you find some of these pieces. They are most often filled with diamonds and sapphires. The Russians didn’t opt for anything less than the most precious jewelry.

Today, the list of people wearing Old Russian rings is too long. It is a trend today and if you want to be a part of this glamorous party, you will need to find something extraordinary for you too. People like Lady Gaga, Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Katy Parry, all had some variant of these rings.

3. 20th Century Aquamarine

Aquamarine was highly popular in the western culture in the mid-century, or the middle of the previous century. The trend made top popularity with Princess Diana wearing it, and now it is back in the game after Meghan Markle showed up on her wedding with it. Learn more about aquamarine on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beryl#Aquamarine_and_maxixe.

4. 1920 mainstream engagement rings

When you think of engagement rings, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It’s a ring with a diamond in the middle of it, right? Well, this is the mainstream engagement option for people around the western years for almost 150 years now.

However, back in the day, there was less drama with add-ons going with the diamond. The rings back then were much simpler and the main focus was placed on the precious stone in the middle. Today, because diamonds became too expensive, manufacturers make sure that there’s something else in there, and the diamond isn’t standing alone looking like there’s nothing happening.

The vintage style revolving around the mainstream engagement jewelry is more expensive, but fabulous at the same time. If you want to do something different for your loved one, you might consider getting her a vintage diamond engagement option. Make sure you throw in the cash, though. It’s not going to be cheap.

5. Cluster rings from the early 1900s

These rings date from the early 1900s and were worn by the Danish princess Alexandra. They are known as the Edwardian era jewelry because she was married to King Edward VII who was the ruler of England.

The history might be mixed up, but this girl truly knew what style is. She wore these cluster rings filled with expensive and precious jewelry. Today, you can find them for a reasonable price of a couple of thousand dollars.

Of course, depending on the precious jewelry inside, they can go as high as you want them. However, it’s not about the price, but the style. They look amazing if you’re into the vintage style and jewelry that makes you feel like part of the royalty.

How to find them online?

It’s not hard to find vintage jewellery if you know where to look. There are more of those who sell these kinds of things. However, popular web stores are not some of the places we recommend. They are full of sellers who claim to have something valuable and they never do.

Instead, you should be looking into already established companies who are known for trading with expensive and valuable items. Look for vintage stores, antique shops, and jewelry stores that are known for their quality. Only they can provide the items you’re looking for here.


These styles we mentioned above are not the only thing you need to know. There’s more out there and if you’re interested, you can dive deeper into the ocean of information. If you’re keen to learn, there are so many things out there to look for.

Make sure you understand what you’re looking for, get some of the ideas we provided above, and find the perfect choice for you. If you know what you want, it is easy to find it on the internet.


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