Which strap do I choose?

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It can be difficult to decide between watch straps for interchangeable watches. Which one fits my outfit that day? Does it look to bulky on my wrist? These things among others are questions that are hard to answer for yourself, so you go get advice. Here are some ways that you can determine which watch strap works for what time whether it is luxury watch straps or basic watch straps. Also do keep in mind through this article what may be comfortable for one may not be comfortable for another.

Which strap do I choose

Color vs Basic

The first one when is it appropriate to wear color bands versus black/white bands. If you are going to a very fancy dinner wearing your hot pink band may not work for that as it is unclasping. In those scenarios, I would go for a basic black or brown strap depending on what kind of outfit you are wearing. Now if you are going to an event where bright colors are welcome then stand out with that neon green or blue strap and strut your stuff (yes, I mean you, men, too).

Leather vs Metal

Most often when choosing between leather and metal we are referring to men’s watches. This one I would say once again depends. If you are going for a business meeting, then I would go for more of a leather watch. This says that you are dressed for success and ready to work. Metal straps work best for formal special occasions. Let’s say you are getting married and you have a metal tie-hold and metal cuff links. In this scenario, you would want to go with a metal band as it will flow better with your outfit than a leather one will.

Luxury vs Off-brand

This one is entirely opinion based if you are feeling more high-end that day then go ahead and go for the luxury watch straps. If not and you are just out running errands, going to the gym or having a lazy day at home the off-brand watch straps will work just fine. You do not have to flaunt luxury brands to get people to look at your direction constantly because then they are looking for the wrong reasons. If you want to wear expensive stuff do it because you want to not to try and impress everyone around you. The same thing with off-brand if people really care about you then they will not care what you have on your wrist unless they find the band your wearing pretty as you do.

Bulky Vs Thin

The final one we are going to discuss is whether to go with a bulky strap or a thin strap. This one is once again more comfortable for the wearer. However, if you are wearing a more simplistic outfit then I would go with the thinner strap as it will flow better with the outfit. I also look at the season that is happening. If it is summer, I would go with a thinner band because it holds less sweat, has a smaller tan line and will look great with what every bathing suit you are wearing by the pool. Then I would use the bulky straps for winter time because you are wearing bulkier clothes during that time.

Like I said in the beginning it can be very difficult to choose a band because they work for many good occasions some times more than one band works for the same things so as long as you are doing what you are most comfortable with then you cannot go wrong with what ever choice you make.


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