What Does Challah Really Stand For?

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The most contemporary misconception about Challah is that it is a braided, eggy and very sparkly kind of break. But, “Challah” doesn’t even refer to the kind of bread that it is. As a matter of fact, Challah refers to the way of sanctification.

Challah bread is prominent in all Jewish celebrations from Shabbat to Weddings and Family Gatherings. In fact, with such great traditions come so many other smaller traditions and elements that hold great significance for the Jewish community.

Like the Challah Knife and the silver wine goblet. Everything placed at the sacred table has a significance that goes the long way.

Because, after all these traditions come from the deep faith and an age-old community that has gifted the world with a lot of things and knowledge.

The History of ‘Challah’

Judaism proudly bodes some of the most unique customs and traditions that go way back in time. In the Torah God had told Moses to out away bread for the Jewish priests. This is specifically referred to as the separation of the sanctification or “Challah”.

If you come to think of it many things go with the tradition of ‘Challah’ and it is broadly applied to most Jewish loaves of bread during the Jewish rituals.

The eve of Shabbat will always call to mark the manna that ascended from heaven on Friday and lasted all through Saturday. Did you know that the most common form of Challah bread is the 12’humps’ that represents the 12 tribes of Israel?

The Special Sterling Silver Challah Knife

Challah also called for unique and handcrafted apparatus. Such is the uniquely designed sterling silver challah knife. Found over a range of offline Jewish heritage shops and online stores that promote Jewish artisans and craftsmanship.

The moment Challah is cut, this knife that goes through it has a grave essence for any Jewish household. It is the beginning and welcoming God’s grace in the home and their families.

There is a custom to run the Challah knife over the bread lightly making a slight indentation before reciting the Hamotzi blessing.

The reasons for doing this is because usually, you cut the bread before the blessings, so you are not interrupted. But for Bat/Bar Mitzvahs have more blessings that must be completed.

So instead you slightly mark the challah with the silver challah knife, in turn, you slice the bread before the blessings.

A Beautiful Jewish Gift

If you are looking for an innately Jewish gift that will be handy to every Jewishhouse, staring with the Sterling Silver Challah Knife is going to be a good idea.

A Challah knife is one of the most integral elements of Jewish traditions. And, having them in every Jewish household is a must.

You can find amazingly caricatured Challah knives carefully crafted by Jewish artisans which give you that native yet warm feeling. Knowing how much hard work has gone into making these knives, that are staple to all Jewish celebrations.


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