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Who doesn’t have a sweatshirt in their closet? Currently, sweatshirts or hoodies are one of the garments that we usually have in our closet. These garments are already part of our daily life since they are very comfortable pieces apart from giving you a unique style. Wearing an outfit with a simple sweatshirt is not a challenge, it is more, you will attract many looks.

Formerly, sweatshirts were exclusively for sports use, since being comfortable they kept them warm in winter, as they were very practical for athletes. Today hoodies have been extended to urban terrain even to designer fashion. They appear on different fashion catwalks. It doesn’t seem uncommon for big brands to design sweatshirts.

Today sportswear has become fashionable, attracting more and more, more and more people. Many celebrities and influencers dress in an urban way combining sportswear and sweatshirts have become part of it.

For example, for women it is already a must have in their wardrobes, they can look great on girls if they know how to combine them with style. In the case of men, it is a little simpler, since black panther t shirt have always had the label of clothing for men. But now they are unisex, they fit very well both women and men.

That said, we are going to show you the types of sweatshirts that there are.

Types of Sweatshirts

Now there is a lot of variety of sweatshirts, just choose the one you like best:

  • Hoodie, they have a strap around the neck so you can adjust. They are very comfortable; they are usually wide. They look great with a hoodless leather jacket.
  • Sweatshirt without hood or sweatshirt in English, they are pullover type. They match very well with most outfits
  • Hoodie with a zip in the center, the typical sweatshirts of a lifetime. They look great to use as a sweater, putting on a leather jacket or coat
  • Half-zip hoodie, it is a combination of the hoodie and the zip-up hoodie. They are the least common to find in stores but if you know how to combine them it can make you look great.

Sweatshirts on Men

With the theme of zippers, we recommend that they be without a zipper, they look more formal and combine better. Lately, wide clothes are very fashionable, if you want a youthful and urban touch choose a wide sweatshirt but if you want to look formal, one of your size but they are tastes, we in particular think that of the two ways of dressing they are very suitable. After all, it is fashion. Sweatshirts with simple designs look very elegant and are very easy to combine for your day to day.

Now we are going to tell you the combination that we like the most: A shirt with a leather jacket, they also look great with a denim jacket. Leather jacket sweatshirt gives you a unique style, this kind of combination works every year. Not old fashioned! Combining with black pants, or jeans will make you look great apart from being super comfortable. For a touch of magic, you can combine them with high-top sneakers or Chelsea boots.

Sweatshirts in Women

We should all have a panthers sweatshirt in the closet, a must have, since they are very versatile, they are suitable for all seasons of the year. You could wear a sweatshirt with a different colored scarf giving you a fresh and adolescent air. Women have a range of possibilities when it comes to combining with sweatshirts. We are going to tell you the ones that we find most interesting, as there is an infinity of outfits for women.

Look Grunge, Old

All types of fashion have their peaks and lows, in some way, everything that is fashionable was a while ago, for example the grunge look.You can combine a sweatshirt with a long black jacket, skinny pants or jeans, and finally, black boots. What an outfit. If you want to give yourself a rocky touch, combine a sweatshirt that has a drawing of a rock band.


Perfect for going to the gym. A sweatshirt, leggings and your sports shoes and to shape that body you want so much. Many girls only wear this look to go to the gym but our opinion is different, it can perfectly be a daily outfit. Apart from being comfortable, it is still a spectacular look.

Combining with Shorts or Skirts

For the cooler summer days. This type of look usually suits girls very well, they look more cute, feminine style.

Using Them with Layers

Pair with a cardigan-style jacket to warm up the colder winter months.As in the case of men, wearing it as a cape with a leather jacket. Combine them with leggings or pants and you will look very good. For a more feminine touch, complete with high heels or boots.


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