Most Beautiful Foliage Plants to Improve Health Quality

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Foliage plants are one of the best and most beautiful plants. These are beautiful tropical American plants, usually climbers, with beautiful leathery leaves, heart-shaped, and often cut in folds. In today’s blog, we will discuss a list of some fabulous foliage plants for your home garden which are also good in improving the health quality.

Croton Plants

Croton plants add that color to your interiors and make your home “ready for the festival”. This plant will be a great choice for your friends and relatives as a gift. In traditional Chinese medicine, oil of croton plants has been used to heal constipation and wounds. People take croton seeds for cleansing the stomach and intestines and also to treat gallbladder problems, colic, blocked intestines, and malaria.

Peacock plant

Originally from Brazil this plant is a popular choice worldwide for a house plant mainly because it makes a beautiful addition to any home due to its beautiful foliage and bold look. The Peacock Plant is a tall, thin plant that, with the right care, can become a colorful home plant for your collection. The peacock plant is good at removing chemical vapor from the air and also has a high evaporation rate, which makes your indoor environment great.

Dusty miller

Dusty Miller is a compact, mound-growing, evergreen perennial plant that is grown annually in areas. Once established, they are very drought resistant. The beautiful leaves of the dusty Miller plant leaf are beautiful friends for many blooms in the garden. Dusty Miller is also very tolerant to heat, salt air and poor soil conditions. Dusty Miller is an herb. Parts of the plant growing above the ground are used to make medicine. Despite serious safety concerns, people apply dust to treat “spots before the eyes” and migraine headaches. Women use it to start their menstruation. Dusty Miller is used as an eyewash for blurred vision and cataracts.

Aglaonema Plant

It is undoubtedly one of the best plants because it is very easy to grow at home or office. It has dark green leaves with splashes of red and pink. Keep it anywhere in your home or office and it is guaranteed that air pollution will be reduced. The lovely leaves will simply give you more reasons to love this plant. Place in a bright container or put it on your side table, bedroom table or use it to decorate the stairway.

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In choosing your plants, consider the location’s environment. Determine whether a particular plant will only survive or thrive in that environment. It is important to start with good quality, healthy, insect-free plants. If you are wondering to buy artificial foliage for your home then you must keep in mind that natural plants have wood, water and earth so they are great for helping to keep your home’s Feng Shui in balance and improving the health quality too. If you want to balance the natural energy of your home, use real plants instead of artificial one.

So, get home the best foliage plant for your home and also send your family and friends online as a gift of health.


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