Lesser Known Oils You Need To Know About

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When we think of essential oils and their benefits, the oils that usually come to our mind are Lavender, peppermint, chamomile, tea tree, and more. Most people know about the existence of lavender and Tea Tree essential oil, but there is a plethora of natural tonics meant to produce ounces of benefits to the mind, body, and soul. There are many types of oils that you surely need to know about, and how to apply them at home. And YoungLivingEssentialOils has some of these lesser-known oils in their collection.


Botanical name: Santalum Album

Making of sandalwood: The process of making sandalwood oil is that it is distilled from the heartwood of the tree. The sandalwood is produced in Australia from a sustainable source. It belongs to a soft grounding aroma that transmits a sense of serenity.

It’s Essence: The specialty of this oil is that when it is used in a diffuser it can heal coughs and colds, and it is the perfect remedy for the chilling weather. It is the perfect choice to calm down your anxiety and reduce the stress level in the body, and it also aids by improving the overall respiratory system.

Direction for Use: It is a great idea to add blending oil as it has skin rejuvenating properties and it is suitable for all skin types.

Lesser Known Oils You Need To Know About


Botanical Name: Vetiver Zizanoides

Making of Vetiver: The steam is distilled from the roots of the tropical grass from Sri Lanka. Traditionally, the grass has been used for many practical reasons that involve mat making and weaving as well.

It’s Essence: The properties of essential oil from the roots have many advantageous properties and it has a deep sedative effect. Commonly it is known as the ‘oil of tranquility, it is a soothing ingredient to release stress and anxiety out of the body. It boosts relaxation in the body.

Direction for use: The best way to use it is an Aroma Spa Diffuser to aid in promoting sleep and it can also be used as a skin enricher particularly for mature and dry skin. Adding a blending oil makes it a good source of nourishing body oil.


Botanical name: Cupressus sempervirens

Making of Cupressus sempervirens: Cypress is the steam that is distilled from the leaves and twigs of the cypress trees, it is famous for longevity as these trees have a long life and its botanical name ‘sempervirens’ means everlasting, the cypress oil that is produced from trees is grown in Spain.

Its Essence: It is used in aromatherapy that acts as a tonic on the body, it has a ‘tightening effect’ that makes it a perfect remedy for and specifically useful for congestion on the skin.

Direction for use: It is recommended to use an aroma spa diffuser that is useful for an emotional upset, it is beneficial to help periods of evolution and indecisiveness.


Botanical name: Juniperus Communis

Making of Juniper: Stem refined from the berries of Juniper trees. The main characteristic of Juniper trees is that it has a pungent aroma and it is very pinery and sharp. The Juniper oil is produced from the plants that grow in Bosnia.

It’s Essence: It is best to use the oil in an aroma spa diffuser to combat coughs and colds as it has a strong cleansing characteristic. It is also beneficial to aid you when you are feeling low in energy or facing difficulty taking any decisions.

Direction for use: Adding a blended oil helps the body as it invigorates and promotes relaxation to tired muscles.

It is crucial to know about these lesser-known but advantageous oils if you are looking for natural rejuvenation therapies.


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