iConnect™ Active :Wearable Technology to Help You Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track

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With the entire world hit hard with coronavirus, it’s time we pay more heed to our health while also maintaining social distancing and keeping our hands sanitized at all times. When it comes to home workout, resources might be limited but what is actually required is the motivation to stick to the routine.

With a fitness tracker on your wrist, you can get physically active every day. Get in shape and track your success with these sbenefits of fitness trackers. That way, you can burn those calories, drop those pounds, and watch your progress along the way! A few ways in which smart watches keep you on track with your fitness goals are:

1.Get Accountable

Whether you’re attempting to work out solo or “competing” with friends and challenge them on Insta, a fitness tracker will keep you accountable. Your fitness tracker will remind you each day to indulge in physical activity. If you get busy or just forget, a reminder from your tracker will get you back on target. It can help you push a little harder with your workouts, too!

2.Daily Motivation

Another one of the advantages of iConnect™ Active  is the visual progress. Your tracker can show you how many calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve taken, and how long you’ve been active.

3.Set Your Goals

Setting fitness goals is the best way to achieve those goals. With a fitness tracker, you’ll determine your daily progress as you’re employed towards those goals. A look at the watch will remind you to stay physically active, may be walk a few steps.

4.Stay Connected

A fitness tracker also can assist you put aside your telephone to urge in your workout. These trackers use Bluetooth to keep you apprised of notifications while you’re on a run or lifting weights.

5.Track Your Sleep

One of the advantages of fitness trackers is data regarding your sleep. That way, you can make healthier choices to improve your sleep over time.

If you are looking for an affordable and high quality fitness tracking watch, look no further. TIMEX, one of the world’s largest watch manufacturers expands its smartwatch portfolio with the all new iConnect™ Active collection in India. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek aesthetics, the new iConnect™ Active collection aims to give fitness enthusiasts a smart approach and aid them in leading a healthier lifestyle. The brand new collection comes with a 37mm graphical color display, lightweight case design and optical heart rate sensor. In addition to this, the new collection sports comprehensive health and fitness features like steps & distance tracker, calories tracker, sleep tracker, sport mode and music controller to help users keep a tab on their health journey. The collection also comes with noteworthy features such as weather forecast, search for the phone and smart notifications for emails, text messages, calls and other social media apps. The watches are available in a wide array of exciting colored straps – Black, Silver, Navy, Rose gold and Lilac. The Timex iConnect™ Active price is INR 4,999, the new iConnect collection will be available at modern retailers such as Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle or you can buy smart watch online on shop.timexindia.com


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