14 mandatory rituals for any Bengali Wedding Photography

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Undoubtedly, Bengali Wedding Photography has plenty of colours in it. The fun part is, it has a wide variety of events starting from the bride to the groom side.

 Weddings are sturdy but Bengali Wedding photography has a seperate essence of love and hospitality. Here is all that you have to know before experiencing a Bengali Wedding!

 1.”Aiburobhat” in Bengali Wedding Photography

This event happens either the day before the big day, or 2 days prior. But mostly all Bengalis prefer their Aiburobhat just the day before their wedding.

 The function celebrates the last space of lunch in his or her bachelor life, because after this event they directly step into the conjugal life. 

This is really an emotional section for the bride side of the wedding because she also leaves her house for the new start. Bengali Wedding photography is a straight way necessity for this event. 

2.Bengali Wedding photography during “Jol-saite-jawa”

This happens at a very early time of the day when the married ladies visit the nearby pond or water body, to fetch a pile of water for the later half of Haldi.

3. Bengali Wedding photography during “Naanni-mukh”

A ritualistic service between the bride or the groom and their father or mother figure. This is a compulsory act at  both the sides of the wedding.

 This is the second most important event of the day, because here, you can get plenty of father-daughter moments with the Bengali Wedding photography.

4.”Haldi” in Bengali Wedding photography

The prettiest and the most Indian ritual is that of Haldi. The entire family stuff a mixture of Turmeric and mustard over the bride and the groom. 

In terms of Bengali wedding photography, this is the best moment to capture with the beautiful pallet of yellow and daylight.

 5.Bengali Wedding photography during “Gatro-haritra-totto

After the haldi function in the groom’s place, his family travels to his bride’s house. They carry a set of wedding trousseau for the bride and her family. This is called the Gae-holud-er-totto or Gatro-haritra-totto. 

After this the haldi starts at the bride’s place, and thereby all the day’s events come to an end.

 6.“Ashirbad” in Bengali Wedding photography

When the groom reaches the venue where the rest of the event is about to happen, the bride’s mother or someone elder graces him in with some sweets and rituals.

 Right after this the family settles with the Ashirbad section, where all the elders in the house grace their love for the groom with a token of gifts and blessings.

 Right after the groom’s entire family arrives at the Wedding Banquet Hall, it’s time for the bride to have her session of Ashirbad.

7.Bengali Wedding photography during “Subha Dristi”

The bride and the groom see each other for the first time after they are in their wedding attires. This is one the most important moments in terms of Bengali Wedding photography

8.Bengali Wedding photography during “Mala-badal”

Right after the subho dristi, this it’s time for exchanging flower garlands.

9.Bengali Wedding photography during “Sindoor-Daan”

The most awaited moment in every Indian wedding is that of the Sindoor-Daan. The groom puts red vermilion on the head of the bride which is the moment when they are finally married.

 The prettiest moment in every Bengali Wedding photography, and the life changing experience for every bride and groom.

10.”Vidae” in Bengali Wedding photography

Most emotional and sad in terms of Bengali Wedding photography. The bride lives in her own house and starts her journey towards her in-laws.

 11.“Bodhu-baran” in Bengali Wedding photography

Happiest moment for the groom’s family, because they welcome the newly wed bride and groom with love and multiple rituals. This is a moment worth to be photographed!

 12.Bengali Wedding photography during “Bou-bhat”

This is the bride’s first meal in her in-laws place, where she receives a promise from her husband, that is taking up the responsibility of her lifetime!

 13.Reception in Bengali Wedding photography

Reception is a very happy event in the entire wedding, because the bride’s family visit the groom’s place and celebrate the entire evening with love and interactions.

 14.Bengali Wedding photography before “Ful-sojja

This is the last event in any Bengali wedding, because after this the bride and the groom finally celebrate their conjugal life beyond all the rituals.

 A full decoration of flowers and lovely garlands, this is an unmissed article for Bengali Wedding photography. 

That’s all you have to know about a Bengali wedding,  beyond this it is all about love and colors.


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