How to properly take care of your skin?

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You might be suspicious if you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin. Do you know what your skin type is? It will help you a lot once you know your skin type. The truth is if you are using the wrong product or any internet hacks for your skin type it could get even worse. You will have dryness, acne, and other skin problems. You can visit Skin Clinica to address your problems with your skin.

take care of your skin

Making your day to day skincare

Having a skincare routine can guide you to control your skin health. To be better on certain concerns such as dark spots, acne, and scarring. The daily skincare routine has basic steps that you can do in the morning and in the evening.


Pick a cleanser that does not leave your skin so tight after you wash it. Clean your face more than twice a day or once. If you don’t wear any makeup and you have dry skin. Refrain from washing your face to a super clean feeling. This means your natural skin’s oils are gone. Cleansers are working well for any skin type you have.


Having a serum that has vitamin C or any growth factors. It is better to use it in the morning before sunscreen. During the night the prescription retinoids or retinol will work best.


Even if you have oily skin it still needs moisturizer. Although you need to use lightweight, non-comedogenic, and gel-based. Dry skin will gain from cream-based moisturizers. Most of the brands have labels in their products such as cream or gel to the packaging.


Putting a sunscreen that has 30 SPF for 15 minutes before you go out. Because it will take a little longer for the sunscreen to activate. The darker skin tones you have needs a little more sun protection. It is because hyperpigmentation is hard to correct.

Treating skin problems

There are solutions on how to address your skin problems without any damage to your skin. Always remember the one rule or skincare is do not prick. Pricking your acne, scabs, or blackheads. It will make open wounds or darker skin spots which are called hyperpigmentation.


Skincare is the best step to treat acne. But for those who are having mild acne, you can also use these products from a  drugstore.

  • Tea tree oil
  • Adapalene
  • Salicylic acid

You need to apply sunscreen once you use these products in the morning. Considering it can cause extra sensitivity to the skin.

Sebaceous filaments

It is a small, cylinder-like tube in your pores that is a whitish-yellow. These are sometimes mistaken as blackheads. Although blackheads are the kind of acne that has oxidized. This can cause your pores to become bigger and you might clear it by pinching your skin or pore strips. But it might cause side effects than have benefits particularly if you don’t do it properly.


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