How to Lift Your Mood during This New Normal

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We all have one common wish this year- let this pandemic end soon. Don’t you? In addition to it, this new normal is even more stressful to handle. Not to mention the challenges we face while working from home. Everybody is going through some form of hurdles these days.

How to Lift Your Mood during This New Normal

Although restrictions have been lifted in many places across the country, the threat of the virus still exists. It doesn’t mean that the virus has gone. It’s still out there, taking many lives. However, at times of this uncertainty, remaining positive is crucial to coping with the changes.

If you are recently feeling down, you have come to the right place. Here are a few ways to lift your mood and spirit when things around are tough:-

Pamper yourself with flowers

Flowers generate happiness and have the potential to lift your mood instantly. Research shows that, having flowers around the house greatly improves and lifts people’s mood and reduce stress-related depression. Both plants and flowers help people feel secure and relaxedandincrease levels of positive energy.

In fact, flowers have natural soothing properties which help to reduce stress. Do you know why many indulge themselves in gardening? It’s a great stress-buster. People surrounded by flowers and plants feel happy, calm, focused, and more relaxed than those who are not. The positive energy from flowers significantly reduces the chances of suffering from stress-related depression.

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Listen to music

Next to flowers, music is the best stress-reliever. A song can evoke many emotions in an individual. Maybe the music helps you to cherish your happy memories or to help you indulge your sadness. Whatever, music is a great way to ease your stress and refresh your mind. Why don’t you put together a lively playlist of your favorite tunes?

Let it out

See, bottling up your feelings won’t do any good. You’ll burst out one day or another. This could be avoided by letting out your feelings and sharing them with someone close. If you want to cry, then do it. Life is stressful – give yourself permission to mourn. Also, try colouring, painting, writing, acting – the arts help you process those emotions creatively.

Set up a family video call

You are likely to have more ‘me’ time now as we spend most of the time indoors. But too much of it could be overwhelming. Since it’s not advisable to meet each other unless it’s an emergency, you could make a video call and speak to your parents, friends, and family.

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