5 Tips for Finding Perfect Scottish kilts with Swedish Tartan

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Being Scottish is something to be proud of. Wearing the traditional kilt on occasions made for it is more than welcomed. Take a look at this link if you want to learn more about the traditional Scottish kilt.

There are lots of kilt types and all of them are beautiful in their own way. If you’re trying to find the one that is best for you, but you want it to be with Swedish Tartan design, then you should do a little research before you buy one. Follow these tips if you want to find out how to find the best one!

1. What material is it made of?

Just like any other piece of clothing, it’s important for you to feel comfortable while wearing the kilt.

The traditional kilts were made from woven wool. If you want to keep the tradition, then you need to follow the rules and find one of them.

However, if you’re more interested in looking good and having a good time, then you can choose some of the other popular materials. There are all kinds of materials being used for, from leather to cotton, so you can choose whatever you think it’s best for you.

The design is almost always tartan. The Scottish families and ancient tribes used to recognize each other by this. Today, this is not so important, but you can be sure that choosing the Swedish Tartan is something you can’t miss.

2. Is it made by a brand?

There are more manufacturers for Scottish kilts, but not all of them are amazing at what they do. You can’t let yourself buy a product from someone who’s a total anonymous.

When it comes to kilts made in Swedish tartan, then getting a Nordic brand is what you should be looking for. For example, Dellenkilten is a well-known brand. Their name stands next to a few others that also provide amazing products.

3. Compare pricing

When you’re buying a kilt, then you’re keen to find the best there is. You’re not thinking about the money that you’re about to spend too much. Still, you don’t want to throw them in the wind either.

Because of this, it’s best to compare a few famous and popular brands providing the tartan you’re looking for. Check out who has the better deal. Sometimes, manufacturers and stores have discounts, so it’s best to do your research and see if there’s someone who’s offering their products for a better sum at the moment.

Why spend more on something you can get for less. It takes just a few minutes of checking a few pages on the internet and you’ll know where to go.

4. Check reviews

The customers’ opinions on these pieces of clothing are crucial before making your choice. Go to the internet and see what people think about particular products. Make sure customers are Scottish or at least understand well how a kilt should be made.

They will tell you exactly where to go and what pace to avoid. Their opinion is crucial in finding the perfect one. If they say that a particular product is not worth buying, and more of them agree, then you should trust them.

5. Consider online delivery

Since the entire world is threatened by Covid-19, it’s smart to consider online delivery. Almost all stores have their web pages where they sell the same products. If you’re not really happy about going among other people and raise the chance to get infected, then try this option.

Lots of web stores are actually providing extra discounts, so you might get a nice deal too. Instead of driving or going on a bus to the place where the store is located, you can buy from the comfort of your home. See more about it here: https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RRA308-6.html.


Buying a Swedish Tartan Scottish Kilt deserves some attention and research. If you spend a little time on the internet trying to find the best one, be sure that you’ll soon have a perfect choice.

Just read the tips from above and make your research. If you go over all the points and pay detailed attention to them, be sure that you’ll get a great deal.


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