How To Choose Your wedding Suit

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Guys, let’s face it: It’s all about her when it comes to weddings. We have little say, from the rehearsal dinner to the reception to the exotic honeymoon locale. And then, of course, the dress is there, maybe the only thing that anyone cares about. After all, even if the salmon is bland, the bridesmaids are drunk, and a few too many times the band plays “Sweet Caroline” everybody’s going to look back and think about that dress. So what’s there for us in it? In short, not much unless you wisely select and squeeze your wedding suit for all it’s worth. Lucky for you, we know exactly how to do it.

How To Choose Your wedding Suit

Selecting Your Wedding Suit: What You Should Do

Buy – do not rent.

Most men choose the rent-a-tux road. And we wouldn’t blame you absolutely for that either, given you’re only planning to wear the damn thing for just a few hours. But this isn’t the prom at high school. So you can scrounge or take our word for it for your scrapbook: rented suits never match correctly and always look cheap. Not to mention the fact that it was worn by someone else, in fact, many of them on their special day. Break the mold and purchase it. Make sure to visit the best tailor in Singapore to make your special day wedding suit!

Leave the culture of business.

You have to look like you’re getting married, not making a presentation on PowerPoint. It’s the first step to fit in something different instead of a lease or boardroom leftover, but it’s far from the only thing that will hold you out of the office. Go black, three-piece, and pay out a little bit more than you would be used to. We promise that this will pay off.

How To Wear Your Wedding Suit Post-Wedding

Ditch the vest 

Sure, it’s the simplest way to switch three pieces together, and in the end, you’ll get a new weekday work suit. When you need to play the boss and bust balls, we suggest reserving it for special days. Pair it up with a Drake’s London red, purple or light-blue knit tie. The knit makes the mood brighter, but it’s just the colour that counts. Bear in mind: the suit is already black, and you don’t want to look like you’re going back to a reception, or even worse, to a funeral.

Add a vest

Although your workweek might be saturated with suits, we’re willing to bet that the jeans and tee variety is your weekend. Throw a solid white V-neck from Uniqlo and chic black shoes by Lanvin on the vest with slim-cut, dark denim (like this indigo resin rinse from J Brand). Just make sure the vest is open and the shirt is fitted, but the skin is not tight. Otherwise, you’re going to come off as if you were working too hard.

Fly solo trousers

Using the trousers for business-casual settings with your standard run-of-the-mill button-down is perfect with us. But by matching the pants with a crisp, untucked polo (we are partial to this three-button Pima pique from Theory) and some cool kicks like Tods’ classic red suede driver, you could stretch your investment.

Ultimately, all eyes will undoubtedly be on her outfit. But there’s no harm in taking a couple of glances from yourself on that day and beyond those happier years.


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