6 Men’s accessories that will never go out of style

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As we all know, a person’s wardrobe matters very much when it comes to making a good first impression. Just like the saying goes, you should always “dress to impress”, but along with your garments and your manners, a gentleman needs a few more accessories to complete his outfit. A perfect balance is quite hard to find. However, a number of accessories have managed to keep their timeless characteristics through the ages. Here are six of them, that deserve a place in every man’s wardrobe

Men’s accessories


These days, with the constant development of smartphones and digital watches, fewer men wear classic wristwatches. However, they remain to be an accessory that will never go out of style. Whether you wear it to a job interview, a date, or a walk in the park, a wristwatch makes you look responsible and on-point. 


Another timeless classic, a hat not only finishes off your outfit and, but also provides protection from both the summer heat and the winter cold. Contrary the popular belief, hats are not intimidating, you only need to find one that would be perfectly tailored for you. If you feel like a Fedora or a Hamburg hat would be „too much”  and will not compliment your style, we would recommend you to draw attention to an Irish flat cap: less intimidating, but just as elegant and imposing. Find a wide selection of Irish flat caps  and get the best flat cap that fits your sense of style and budget.


The power of a tie should never be underestimated, especially when worn with the right outfit, for example, a white collared shirt. A dark blue silk tie is a must-have since it goes well with everything and makes you look confident and professional. A tie can enhance your facial features and make you look taller, fitter, and slimmer. However, there is one golden rule: never wear it with a t-shirt!


Sunglasses are not only a chic element of a man’s outfit, but they are also practical, protecting the eyes and eye area from the sun, preventing wrinkles and early aging. Choose a pair of sunglasses that would go perfectly to the shape of your face, for example, the beloved Aviators or Wayfarers. Just don’t make the mistake of wearing them inside!

Leather belt

A black leather belt with a thin silver buckle is an absolute necessity in a man’s wardrobe.  Even though your pants should fit you without one, wearing a belt creates an elegant transition between the style of the shirt and that of the pants; it separates them chromatically and at the same time binds them together. 


Back in the days when paper tissues were not a thing, carrying around a handkerchief was extremely common. Not only they were used for decorative purposes, but men also used them to blow their noses, wipe sweat, clean glasses, and dry hands. A thin handkerchief, usually made of silk or high-quality cotton his a piece that will never go out of style. It is recommended to always make sure you have two of them, one to decorate your suit and one for utilitarian ones.


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