Best Revenge Pranks on a Cheating Husband and Mistress

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fake pregnancy prank

Hollywood breakups that were involved in cheating scandals and controversies have been a common occurrence these days. This type of news that appears on our social media feeds are interesting for many–but it is undeniable that these types of news are not that shocking anymore.

The pain and trauma from cheating, regardless if it happens to A-listers or private persons, may just be the same. It is still traumatic and dealing with it may be equally painful. While some couples separate after a cheating experience, many couples are able to work things out and recover from the event.

Some women would just deal with it privately. Couples go for counselling and therapy. Others decide to take revenge on their spouses or the other women. It may be their way to save their marriage. The Internet offers plenty of suggestions on how to do it! But if you are looking for harmless pranks, below are just some cool ideas such as a fake pregnancy prank or revenge on a cheating husband and his mistress.

  1. Fake Pregnancy Test Prank

Pretend that you are pregnant with a fake pregnancy test trip that always shows a false positive result. Pee on it and show it to your husband or boyfriend. See his facial reaction and let him re-assess his cheating ways. He may become mindful of the mistake that he has done.

  1. Medical Test Prank

Send a legitimate-looking fake medical test result to the other woman that indicates he carries a sexually transmitted infection. See the mistress cry!

  1. Boob Job Prank

Annoy your hubby’s mistress with a sexier figure. Flaunt your bigger boobies, and let her think that your husband just spent thousands of dollars for your breast implants. Make her jealous and stress her out!

  1. Fake Baby Bump Prank

Send a photo of a pregnant lady who is wearing a “fake baby bump” to the mistress, and tell her that since your husband is a womanizer, another woman was impregnated by him. Create chaos on the affair between your husband and his mistress, and give them a dose of their own medicine!

  1. Sonogram Prank

Send a personalized fake ultrasound with your name on it to your hubby’s mistress (or his mistresses!) and make their heads hurt thinking about how complicated the relationship is getting, turning their sexy time into something that’s definitely not fun anymore–now problematic!

Oftentimes, a painful yet harmless prank is a good way to teach cheaters a lesson. Pull off a good fight with your husband or his mistress in a fun and effective way with these gags!


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