Ultimate Guide To Buying Maternity Wear – READ HERE

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Being pregnant is a great thing, but your wardrobe will wreak havoc with weight gain, fluid retention, bloating, swelling, and regular urination! This article has gathered some top tips for purchasing maternity wear to help you get through the whole nine months with ease.

Look for maternity clothes that have features from conception to birth to see you right through. These features include jeans, shorts, or skirts for your rising belly with an adjustable or elastic waistband. Look for ruching or gathering on the side of maternity tops when purchasing tops that will fit you right up until the day of delivery. Often consider length when buying tops.

Look for clothes that are tolerant of breastfeeding as well. You want to make as much use of them as possible if you’re going to buy new clothing. Before and after bub’s arrival, it’s worth making sure you can use as many products. Look for those that have simple nursing access or have buttons down the front when buying tops.

Invest in tanks and singlets for nursing. That way, even though they are not breastfeeding friendly, you can still wear all of your favorite tops. Wear your singlet or tank underneath, and that way, your tummy always stays hidden, and you have easy access to breastfeeding if you have to hike up your usual tee.

Consider purchasing reversible apparel. As you get two things in one, reversible clothing is excellent and is a great way to build the look you want with minimal items. In your closet, it is also a fantastic space saver, which will mean less washing.

Invest yourself in the basics. A decent pair of maternity jeans is the one thing undoubtedly worth investing in. With some heels and a beautiful top, they can be dressed up or dressed down with flats and a shirt. Investing in a quality pair of back pants, mainly if you are working during your pregnancy, is also a great idea. It will see you through any special occasion with a good quality outfit.

Purchase the right size. Many women end up buying a size or two larger maternity clothes, thinking they would need the extra space. Do this, not do it. You’re going to end up with clothes that fall off and do not even flatter you or your bump. For the best fit, buy maternity clothes in your average size.

Shop for ultimately all seasons. You are likely to go through a few seasons and vast weather shifts during your pregnancy because you’re nine months pregnant. Save money at the end-of-season sales by shopping.

Cotton is pivotal. You will want to look for fabric that respires quickly, like cotton, with the extra heat you’ll produce. You’ll need stretchy clothing as well, so look for things that include spandex. Polyester based fabrics have their advantages, including less creasing and greater longevity, but to prevent sweat stains, you’re better off saving it for special occasions or colder days.


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