Trying Bikini Wax At Home? Take Care of These Points

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One thing we have heard a million times is that waxing the bikini line at home is not suggested. There are many reasons suggested for the same. From hurting ourselves down there to not getting it right, anything could happen. But it is not easy to feel comfortable having that area of the body waxed by another person. Of course, we have an option of shaving. But when waxing provides smoother and lasting results, why can’t we try it at home?

With this idea firmly rooted in our minds, we have listed out some important points one needs to keep in mind while waxing the bikini line at home.

  • Be sure that the hair is at least 1 cm long in that area. Anything shorter will not be removed by waxing and you’ll end up with pain for nothing.
  • Choose wax from a reputed brand. Don’t go for something you have never tried before. Your private area is not the place to experiment with new brands or products. Choose the brand you usually use.
  • If you are being treated for certain medical conditions that make you extra sensitive to pain, don’t wax your bikini line.
  • Don’t wax immediately after taking a good hot bath. The skin will be soft and the chances of peeling a layer of your skin along with the hair are higher.
  • Exfoliate a day or two before you wax. It will remove the dead skin and lift the short hairs and inner growth. Never exfoliate on the day you want to wax.
  • Wash and dry the area and sprinkle some talcum powder. It will keep the moisture away and make waxing easier.
  • Using some ice to numb the region will also reduce the pain.

Now, let us see how to wax at home without hurting ourselves in the process.

  • You can either opt for wax strips or use hot wax. If using hot wax, test the temperature on the inside of your wrist before applying it directly to your private area.
  • Check the direction of the hair growth before applying the wax. The wax should be applied in the same direction of hair growth. Make sure the layer is not too thick.
  • Pull it off in one fast movement. We know it will hurt, so it is better to wax smaller areas for effective results. Don’t wax in the same area more than twice. We don’t want to pull out the skin.
  • Always pull the wax strips in the opposite direction of the growth. Also, hold the surrounding area tight with the other hand. Taut skin makes it easier to remove hair and is slightly less painful.
  • Wipe the wax with oil-based post-wipes to clean and moisturize the area. Don’t expose the region to sunlight for 24 hours.

It will take you a couple of times before you get hang of the process and then, you’ll be a pro at the job.


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