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A lot of budget savvy individuals would tell you that you should splurge on important pieces, and save the rest if you don’t want to get broke. Which means that you should invest in a leather jacket as it’ll be worth the cost even after several years. However, when it comes to chinos, jeans, shirts, knitwear, and t-shirts, practicality pays a lot. Thankfully, for the past few years, fashion stores have become increasingly popular that it becomes easier to find budget friendly pieces without burning a hole in your pocket. Who said that you won’t get a quality clothing for an affordable price? We beg to disagree. Here are the top 3 clothing brands that offer affordable, yet fashionable clothes.

1. Uniqlo

Who doesn’t know about this fashion brand? In fact, we are willing to rave about it for days, because there’s too much to say about it. However, to sum it up, it’s one of the best clothing brands where you can buy the basics at a very affordable price. In fact, they have some plain T-shirts under $10 and fit like a dream. They also sell shirts that are perfect as work wear. All you have to do is have it printed or customized with your company logo. There are a lot of work wear companies out there, and  is one of them. The good thing about Uniqlo? Even their blazers look stunning, especially after minor alterations. You wouldn’t think that they only cost that little. Another thing we love about Uniqlo is that it often release a distinct collection depending on the season. That means you’ll never be out of style.

2. Zara

For us, Zara is the second most affordable clothing brand– even though a lot of people have a misconception that it’s expensive. For example, you can actually buy a leather jacket from them for just $239. Designer leather jackets cost four times as much as this jacket. Not just that, despite its inexpensive price, the quality is still great. The only con we see about Zara is that it has a fair share of polyester and nylon. However, most brands are guilty of this anyway. Likewise, these pieces usually cost less than $40. Which means, you’ll be getting what you paid for. They also have the “Hand Made” range, aside from the big range of silk, wool, and leather. The hand made range are the cheapest of the bunch. Overall, the clothes offered by Zara last for a good time. Which means, it really is a bargain.

3. Everlane

Last, but definitely not least, would be Everlane. Everlane is best known for its great business model and it’s a company founded way back 2010. Their goal is to offer quality clothing at a very affordable price. Something everyone can afford. Although not everything is US made, they still produce some of the best quality clothing perfect for penny pinchers who want to stay fashionable without spending a lot. Also, aside from standard clothing, they also produce belts and outerwear. Indeed, you can look your best even without putting your salary at risk.


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