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If you ask any broad shouldered women to wear an off-the-shoulder dress, the answer will be definitely no. Well, an off-the-shoulder dress is pretty, good looking, sexy and casual. In simple words it completely rocks. However, if you have broad shoulders, you have to work a little harder to make it appear just perfect on you.

The thing is, if you pick the right dress color and add some particular accessories to it, you can totally rock it. Here are a few tips on how to look appealing and perfect in an off-the-shoulder dress in spite of having broad shoulders.

How to look good in a off-the-shoulder dress:

Before we start will all the tips, the first thing you need to do is get the right type of bra. If you have big boobs, you definitely need a bra to support you. Now, if it is about an off-the-shoulder dress, you obviously need a staples bra.

It may seem simple to just visit a store and pick one, but there are a variety of designs and there are chances that you might need a completely different side in a strapless bra than what you wear in a normal bra. So, it is ideal to talk with the professionals who know bras and boob sizes perfectly. Now, let’s start with the tips…

Selecting the right color is inevitableCompared to darker shades, light colors will make your wide shoulders less noticeable. For instance, a grey would look better than a black or a pink is much better than magenta. Also, you can add a soft colored lightweight scarf to your dress. This will not only compliment your entire look, but also break up the vastness of your shoulder.

Try wearing a wide-strap tank top underneath: This is a clean trick for any broad shouldered lady. The straps, just like the scarf, will break up the expanse of your shoulder. However, you must use this trick with a casual off-the-shoulder dress and not a classy or elegant one.

Pick a flowy off-the-shoulder dress: A dress which is flowy below your waist will obviously distract the attention from your broad shoulders. Also, it looks cute and makes you look more feminine. You may want to check some off-the-shoulder dresses from

Go for a slouch dress: When it is about off-the-shoulder dress, most women would pick a tight fitting one. However, a slouch is like a blessing for women with broad shoulders. A tight fitting dress will attract more attention toward your broad shoulders. On the other hand, a slouch fitting one will make it appear normal.

Lastly, you can wear a long chunky necklace, which distracts the viewer from noticing your broad shoulders. Also, since you are finally showing off your shoulders, exfoliate and moisturize them to make them look prettier and of course don’t forget the sunscreen.


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