Shooting Competition Preparation Tips

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As a sport, shooting may not be as popular a choice as soccer or tennis.

Although shooting has many benefits, it is undeniable that this sport has a big safety risk .Therefore, make sure you comply with the regulations that apply at the shooting range, such as:

Shooting Competition

If you are a beginner, do shooting sports accompanied by an instructor or more experienced person.

Make sure the muzzle of the rifle or pistol is facing a safe direction when not in use.

Always wear goggles and earplugs when shooting.

Weapons that are not in use should be emptied, don’t rely too much on safety.

Use ammunition that matches the designation of the weapon.

If the gun fails to fire when the trigger is pressed, carefully remove it from the body.

Learn the characteristics of the weapon you will use or at least ask an experienced instructor.

If you have a personal weapon, never modify it yourself for safety reasons, including during use. Also make sure to clean and maintain it regularly.

Shooting competitions are great ways to practice your shooting acumen. However, these competitions have very strict rules and requirements. If you plan to compete in one of these events, these are a few tips to help you prepare.

Prepare Your Equipment

When you look over the competition rules, you should find a list of supplies and equipment the organizers suggest that you bring. For example, you need the right weapon and competition holsters. You need ammunition, spare magazines and a competition-style gun belt with pouches for these magazines. Eye and ear protection are also necessary. These are general supplies, but you should include a few other supplies as well.

Your gear bag should include sunscreen, clothing layers, a snack, water, a waterproof jacket, bug spray and a first aid kit. You may also need to include chamber flags as well as a gun repair kit and spare parts.

Go Through the Course

Before the competition starts, run the course. Each range has different obstacles and stages. In addition, you may have to shoot at different types of targets, from paper silhouettes and steel poppers to spinning wheels, bowling pins and flying clay pigeons. And, these targets will be positioned at different distances and angles.

During your walk-through, visualize how you will take each shot, and look for safe places to rest. You should have an idea of how to navigate these quickly and safely.

Read Through the Manual

You are responsible for knowing the rules of the shooting competition. Learn what penalties you can incur and what violations can result in your removal from the competition. Also, find out when everything starts, when you need to be there and what processes you need to follow to get signed in and ready.


Before the competition, spend time practicing. For example, you can lose precious time if you aren’t adept at loading and drawing each of your weapons. You should also visit licensed gun clubs that offer a variety of shooting options.

Now that you understand the preparation, you are ready to improve your shooting capabilities through competition.


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