Practical Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Enjoy

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No, not another package of candy!

Let’s be honest: most people toss away or never touch the wedding favours that the bride and husband have spent so much time (and money!) on.

Don’t worry. We’ve prepared you with a selection of door presents that your visitors will truly appreciate!

Coffee beans with tea leaves

With tea and coffee, you can never go wrong! These are affordable and common household items, so you won’t have to worry about your visitors not utilising or tossing them away.

To save even more money, buy the tea leaves or coffee beans in bulk and make your mini-sized door presents.

If you’re unclear about your visitors’ tastes, give them two alternatives and let them select

Bottles of little kicap and chilli sauce

Yes, you read that correctly. Consider carrying around small Lingham’s chilli sauce bottles!

Kicap (soy sauce) and chilli sauce are staples in every Asian family, so by providing it as a wedding favour, you’ll give them something they can use daily.

Using your containers, such as charming small mason jars, you may make them more personal.

Lip glosses

Lip balms are essential in a hot climate nation like Malaysia!

Guests may use them for a long time, and if you’re willing to pay a little more, you can even customise or make your lip balm flavours.

Face masks made of cloth

Nowadays, you can’t leave home without wearing a face mask. As a result, it would be a wonderful idea to present your guests with reusable face masks that they can wear for an extended period while keeping them safe throughout the wedding celebrations.

To make your wedding more unique, the face masks may be customised to complement the theme. You may put your initials or a hashtag on it or leave it simple.

It is a blank canvas on which to paint and is an excellent purchase for your big day!

Miniature fans

Fans, another climate-related wedding favour, were sometimes presented as door gifts in the 1970s and 1980s but are now uncommon.

The local wooden ones are ideal if you want to go with a traditional motif; visitors may even use them as house decorations. However, if you want to be more practical, supply portable ones that can be used anywhere.

Bath salts and body scrubs

Body scrubs and bath salts are another wonderful wedding favour you may simply DIY to your liking!

This door gift will be appreciated by your visitors, particularly after a long day (weeks, in some cultures!) of wedding celebrations. It’s also quite cheap, especially if you do it yourself.


Making a charitable gift in lieu of customary favours is worthy of your money and a meaningful way to support issues near and dear to your heart by spending it on people in need.

Thank your guests while giving back with a bespoke donation card customised to your wedding theme and colours. This wonderful door present will undoubtedly stay long beyond your wedding day!

Miniature alcoholic beverages

This wedding favour is a little pricey, but if you have the means for it, small alcohol bottles will be a big hit with your guests!

However, you must be certain of your guests’ choices. If you have non-drinkers, replace the alcoholic beverages with tiny lemonade or mocktail bottles.


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