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Suit jacket, blazers and sports jacket can be pretty confusing. For majority of people, it can be a daunting task to understand the difference between different kinds of male attires. Let us check in detail.

Suit jacket

With suit jacket, the best that goes with it is matching trousers. The suit jacket should not flow too much down to the trousers as it can give a weird look. You can customize the length of the suit jacket according to your height.

When you are tailoring a suit jacket, do not forget to give the right textured canvas interlining and shoulder padding. The canvas interlining should be a darker color or a lighter color of the suit material. In case, you want to go for a semi formal look, you can also give a patterned material inside and in the folding of the sleeves.

Additionally, for a better formal look, you can pipe your pockets with good constructed lapels. Pocket with or without flaps will be decided as per your physique. For taller and broad men it is advised to give flaps.

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On the other hand for men with short height it is advised to go without flaps. Metallic buttons can give a very neat look. It is recommended to go for matte finished metallic buttons.

Sports jacket

A sport jacket is something that is worn for a casual outing. To give a better view sports jacket was used for hunting purposes. This is the reason why you will see that sports jacket are more patterned and have heavy fabrics. This was used for camouflaging in the wilds.

 A sports jacket should give a more relaxed look. Usually it has half canvas interlining or no interlining at all. The padding also differs. It can have light padding to no padding at all. Sports jacket is meant to be more functional.

In today’s world of fashion and customized professional tailoring, you don’t have to unnecessarily settle for baggy fit. In Canada, wearing sports jacket is a symbol of casual yet flamboyant look. You must understand that  is an important area here and hence you must keep yourself up to date.


Blazers were used by the British naval as a uniform. Mostly blazers are blue in color and mixed look of being causal yet formal. It is mostly like the suit jacket constructed in almost the same way with few exceptions. The main difference is that the detailing is more casual with patch pockets and bright contrasting metallic buttons.


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