Grow hair before they are gone hair

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Hair to the humans, over the ages, has had major psychological importance. It plays a major role in shaping up one’s personality. Every human has different kind of hair and the growth of hair depends upon genetics, environment and age. The composition of hair causes difference in textures, colors and the length of hair. And did you know that when you are born with all hair follicles that you’ll ever have. The growth cycle of each strand of your hair has three stages. Once each stage is complete, a new cycle starts. Yes, that’s the reason you always have some baby hair on your head! And your hair can grow up to 6 inches every year.

Grow hair before they are gone hair

But those with growing age, hormonal issues, stress, certain health conditions and some because of heredity have thinning hair or hair loss, a receding hairline and pattern baldness. There are a number of natural ways and habits to slow down hair fall and hair loss such as sleeping on a silk pillow, getting regular trims (which may sound counter-intuitive), taking multivitamins, protein masks on hair, using less heating tools. All of the former mentioned need consistency with a few proven results scientifically. With advancements in technology, while there are a number of treatments to prevent or stop hair loss entirely such as protein treatment, serums, shampoos specifically targeting hair loss, hair transplant and PRP, medicine such an minoxidil, laser therapy is a major breakthrough.

While on one hand its entirely pain free, this therapy (also known as red light therapy) irradiates photons into the scalp tissue. Which are then absorbed by the weaker cells and encourage hair growth. And guess what? There are no side effects to this. Plus, it also increases hair strength. It is also widely known to be less painful, more tolerable and far less invasive than a hair transplant surgery.  According to a 2014 survey, low-level laser therapy seemed to be safe and effective for hair growth. Capillus82 reviews prove just that, it definitely treats hair loss effectively. Laser treatment stops or reverses hair loss. laser treatments revitalize circulation and stimulation that encourages hair growth.

But wait a minute, while we talk about all the resources to curb and reverse hair loss. Let’s also not forget to look at the things that might actually hurt your hair while you’re in the process of reinventing them. So, beware of those heating tools, for they might break your hair shaft. Also stay away from UV rays, wear a pretty hat while you’re at the beach getting that sun-tan. Bleaching, perming and hair extensions might also damage your hair so avoid those too for great hair before they are no more. And hey! Drinking more water not only helps you stay hydrated, fit and healthy. It also does wonders to your hair, skin and nails. Water is your best friend for hair growth too! Hair growth will give your personality a much needed boost it longed for! For more information about hair loss recovery visit One Spot Beauty.


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