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Whether you are thinner or heavier, you need to ensure that you use a moisturising product that not only adds elasticity to your skin but also firms and tones it. Women who are trying to maintain their weight or who wish to lose weight should eat healthily and use creams that support their dietary and exercise efforts as well.

What to Look for in a Product

Not only must they know how to use such a cream, but they also must find an extra-firming and moisturising product that contains natural ingredients – substances that will enable them to look their best whether or not they have put on weight. An extra-firming type cream can help you recover your skin’s firmness, a feature that may have been lost due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy or the ageing process. Plant ingredients in such a cream should also provide a soothing remedy – one that not only smoothes stretch marks or lines, but leaves the skin visibly softer and suppler overall.

A firming cream should be thick and creamy in consistency and contain rich and active organic and natural substances. The ingredients should work together to ensure that the skin stays luxuriously moisturised and hydrated. Otherwise, you lose the whole point of using a moisturiser at all.

The Ideal Ingredients in a Firming Moisturiser

Look for natural ingredients in an extra firming cream, such as lemon thyme extract and extracts of centellaasiatica or bocoa. While lemon thyme extract safeguards the elastic fibres of the skin, the bocoa and centellaasiatica promote the synthesis of collagen fibres for enhanced resiliency. A body firming and slimming cream for chubby ladies should also include jojoba oil and/or shea butter, both of which are excellent moisturisers.


How to Use a Skin-Firming Product

How you apply a body firming moisturiser is just as important as what is included in the cream’s ingredients. First, warm the cream between the hands to make it smoother and increase its moisturising effects. Follow up by smoothing the cream over the body, using massage movements that are gentle. Massage such areas as the inner arms, bust, stomach and thighs. To obtain optimal results, make sure you use the cream both morning and night.

Get Enough Sleep

Besides using a body firming cream, it is also important to obtain sufficient sleep. Women who tend to gain weight are more susceptible to stress. Therefore, it is essential that you feel confident and relaxed. In order to get the right amount of sleep, make sure your sleeping area is comfortable and that the temperature setting in the room will allow you to rest. Sleeping in a too-hot or too-cold room can be distracting and lead to bouts of sleeplessness.

Eat the Right Foods

Make sure that the foods in your diet promote weight loss and the reduction of cholesterol. Some of the foods that increase health include whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and oats. In fact, eating oatmeal every day has a decidedly slimming effect and also leads to lower blood pressure readings.


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