5 Skin Care Tips For Soon-To-Be Brides Of 2019

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Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment that a girl waits for eagerly. It is the most special day of her life where she ties the knot with her soulmate. Months prior to the wedding she being the bride starts gearing up for her special day. The wedding preparations start with booking the vendors, getting the venue to the endless shopping spree, guest invitations but what about skincare. At a wedding a bride is the centre of attraction and she with her killer looks steal the limelight. Everyone has their eyes on the bride admiring her beauty.

healthy breathing skin

The makeup is what creates the transformation of a girl into a swoon worthy bride but for application of an even makeup a girl needs to have a perfect skin. Dull and dry skin can result in a flaky makeup appearance irrespective of which makeup products might be utilized. Being the bride you must have booked a best makeup artist in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever you seek to tie the knot in. What about your skincare? Wondering prior to your wedding makeup session how to get the perfect skintone? To help you out we present a list of some of the best skincare tips for the brides to-be.

Best 5 Skin Care Tips for Brides

  1. Eating Hydrating Fruits And Vegetables

For a healthy skin your need to keep it hydrated. The secret to a healthy and glowing skin is consuming great ample amount of hydrating fruits and drinking surplus amount of fruits. The water retained fruits keeps the body hydrated and makes your skin soft and supple. Months prior to your wedding refrain yourself from munching on junk food and include fruits and vegetables such as grapefruits, broccoli and lettuce in your diet.


  1. Opt for facials

The secret behind the naturally radiant and glowing skin is facials. The facial treatments aid in curing skin discoloration, treating acne and reducing dark spots and blemishes. The deep cleaning done by the facials open up the skin pores thus ensure a healthy breathing skin.

  1. Exfoliate Weekly

For a soft, smooth and supple skin you need to exfoliate. The exfoliation helps in hiding reducing the fine lines, getting rid of the pimples thus leaving a naturally glowing skin. The process of exfoliation removes the excessive oil and dirt on the face enabling the skin to breathe freely.

  1. Get Beauty Sleep

 Wedding is a tiresome affair and with the endless shopping spree, wedding planning, running after the vendors the bride is under immense pressure which is why she gets those baggy eyes. At a wedding everyone has their eyes on the bride which is why she cannot turn up with those baggy eyes and dull face. Although a healthy diet can provide a healthy skin but the lack of proper sleep can dull the charm of the bride. For being a perfect bride she needs to get adequate amount of sleep. The sleep would help her in reducing the dark circles and baggy eyes.

  1. DIY facepacks

Wedding is an expensive and the bride aspires to be perfect and appear flawless but everyday trips to parlour can prove to be an expensive affair. The budget friendly option is treating your skin with nature’s goodness. DIY face packs made from fruits and vegetables along with other ayurvedic herbs givea a naturally radiant skin. The best thing about DIY facepacks is that you can make them according to your skin type. Like for brightening the skin you can opt for a facepack made of gram flour, turmeric powder, lime juice, olive oil and milk whereas for reducing pimples use a facepack made of mint leaves, tomatoes and aloe vera. Indulge in the goodness of the homemade DIY facepacks and get a natural soft and supple skin.

So which beauty tip are you following? Liked the post? Share with your views and opinions in the comments below.


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