4 Useful Tips for Shopping Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

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Dressing your bridesmaids is not easy. Like any other bride, you would also like to keep each of your girls happy and highlight their unique features on your wedding. But the task is quite challenging, especially when you have a tight budget. Wondering what to do? Well, opt for cheap bridesmaids outfits and allow your girls to feel confident and comfortable in these dresses.

However, if you are going to involve yourself in this kind of shopping for the first time, it may be difficult for you to decide what to do. To help you, here, we have put together a few tips that you can follow when going for buying cheap bridesmaid dresses.

1 Look outside of the ‘bridesmaid’ label

The first thing that many brides do before purchasing dresses for their bridal squad is to search about bridesmaid dresses online or visit a bridal store and ask the representative to show the collection for bridesmaid dresses. When you mention the term “bridesmaid”, you will see an increase in the price. To get the dresses at lower prices, you can use a trick. If you know the color you are looking for, you can have your bridesmaids purchase a cocktail dress from any retailer or department stores. It does not need the “bridesmaid” label to look great at your wedding.  Moreover, dresses without having the label of “bridesmaid” can also be used in other functions. So, to save more, opt for dresses that don’t with the particular label of “bridesmaid”.

2 Look off the rack

Just as you can save money on your bridal gown by buying off the rack, you can do with the same with bridesmaids’ outfits. If you have decided the style and type of dress your girls will wear on that day, visit different stores to see if any of them have it. Offer to buy it is cash right then and there and you would be surprised how willing they might be to work with you. In case the dress does not fit perfectly, calculate how much it will cost to alter and then decide whether the cost savings are worth it. With this, you can save a lot.

3 Go for simple dresses

In the world of wedding dress, embellishment is equal to money. The more embellishment you want to add in the dress, the more money you need to invest for it. However, if you are not into appliqués, you are lucky. It is because you can save tons of money by purchasing bridesmaid dresses that are minimalist. When you visit a bridal dress store, make sure to explain the consultant that you are looking for simple and classy dresses for your maids. The same rule is applicable when you shop online. Look for bridesmaid dresses that are made out of one fabric only, including chiffon or satin, and have minimal embellishments. Even in a simple dress, your bridal squad can look beautiful when they team it up with the right accessories. And thus, you can save money without asking your girls to compromise with their looks.

4 Have it custom made

There is a concept among people that custom-made dresses cost more than ready-made ones. However, it is not the reality. With custom-made option, you can choose the color, fabric, embellishments, and everything in between that are required to design bridesmaid dresses. When your budget is tight, you can choose a less-costly fabric or reduce the use of embellishments. Moreover, with custom made option, you can add a unique style without creating a hole in your pocket.

Besides, you can opt for short dresses or ask your girls to wear pre-owned dresses. These are some of the good ways to save more on bridesmaid dress shopping. So, now, opt for a reputable shop that offers cheap wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns, and buy the ones that can meet your needs.

Author bio: Henry Mack, a popular blogger on cheap wedding dresses, here writes on a few tips that you should keep in mind when buying cheap bridesmaid dresses.


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