Why Men Should Wear Jockstraps?

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A lot of people are not sure what jockstraps are for. This question comes with a simple answer; it’s support. That’s the main intention when this piece of clothing was designed. Recently, these fashion jocks and their variations have become popular, almost on the same level as boxers and briefs. The truth is that there are more benefits apart from support.

Why Men Should Wear Jockstraps

Jockstraps are also called supporters. This was invented in American in 1874 by CF Bennett. This was intended to provide support to bicycle messengers and or what are known as bike jockeys. He worked for the company that manufactured it which later became the Bike Web Company. It remains the jockstrap manufacturer of the popular brand Bike.

There are three main uses for a jockstrap. These are the following:

Fashion – The jockstrap has become more popular and is now being used in the mainstream since a number of major underwear brands now have adopted the style for everyday fashion. Due to the open back, it can be cooler to wear for those who live in warmer climates and also during the summer. Needless to say, the backless style can be a big turn on.  The straps can help in lifting the butt.

Medical Purposes – These are sometimes worn for medical purposes particularly after an injury or surgery on the genital area.

Sport – The lack of cover or material at the back enables sweat to evaporate easily. The lack of side material also enables easier leg movement. It also has a front pouch that can render support. At times, the jockstrap could include a hard protective cup which makes it ideal for more rigorous sports. The jockstrap that is made of a light and airy material like mesh could make the piece quick drying and provide more cooling.

Whether a jockstrap has to be used during workout depends on the personal preference of the person who’s going to wear it. He must also consider the other items of clothing that he is going to wear and what exercise routine he plans to perform. In all activities that one may do in a fitness gym the possibility of sustaining an injury on the most sensitive part of the body is always lurking around. That’s why it is sensible to provide caution and protect the most vulnerable part.

Jockstraps are not without disadvantages. Some people just don’t feel comfortable with their butts getting exposed. Some others complain about the bulky front covering that may chafe the skin while a few totally don’t feel comfortable with the complete design.

There are some alternatives to the jockstraps when it comes to athletic support. One of them is the compression shorts that can contain and support the genitals and at the same time support the entire upper leg and seat.


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