How Can I Repair My Split Ends?

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Having a bouncy hair without any split ends is every woman’s dream. But most often, this dream remains only a dream. In spite of the efforts in conditioning the locks, length, colour and texture, split ends are inevitable.Split ends hamper the way of having a healthy hair. Though genetics play a role in your hair’s health, there are a few steps that you can take to bring down your risk for split ends.The worst part is everyone is susceptible to them. If split ends are untreated, they make your hair dry, dull, tangled and unpleasant. Read through the best methods from the experts at Hair salon North Shore to maintain your hair shiny and healthy –

What Causes Split Ends?

  • Hot shower, aggressively brushing tangled hair, sleeping with your hair tied back can all lead to hair breakage and split ends.
  • Using hot styling tools frequently can greatly impact the moisture content in hair making it susceptible to splitting.
  • Applying hair products with chemical agents can increase the dryness and peel off the split ends.
  • Too much exposure to sun or lack of humidity can lead to dryness in hair, which is prone to cause split ends.
  • Lack of nutrients in diet, hormone and vitamin deficiency greatly impacts the health of hair.

How to Repair Split Ends?

Trim Regularly

You cannot get rid of split ends when they happen. The best approach is to trim down the split ends. Get regular trims from a professional North shore hairdresser to help your hair grow faster and stronger. If you don’t trim off the hair regularly, it will continue to break and end up being frizzy. It is best to keep your hair hydrated to minimise split ends.

Keep Your Hair Healthy From the Inside Out

Eating a balanced diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy nutrients will help you in gaining a long, shiny and strong hair. Make sure to include biotin and folic acid to power hair growth. Also, make sure to stay hydrated.

Split End Repair Treatment

Get the help of the best hairdresser North Shore to get this treatment. The treatment would take only a few minutes, and is carried out after a hair trim. It is a mix of product and gentle heat styling, which will coat the hair’s split ends for few weeks. But, keep in mind, this is only a temporary relief.

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Untreated split ends can damage your entire hair. Hence a good hair care routine is essential to prevent split ends. If you require help, get in touch with the North shore hairdresser to clear your doubts on split ends.


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