Choosing The Hair Extension For You – Tips In Picking The Right One

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If you look at your options when it comes to hair extensions, you know that there are too many for you to choose from. From clip-ins, weaves, tape-ins, fusion, pre-bonded, and a lot more. There are also different styles to decide on. And picking your first can be overwhelming. The best hair extensions australia are 100% human hair, but know that they don’t come cheap as well. So what are your options? Find out here.

Wigs For A Full Head of Hair

If you want extensions that can cover your entire head, then you need a wig. The wigs are basically the replacement of your hair. Individuals who are dealing with hair loss or balding, or maybe they just want to change their look without the hassles of other hair extension types, then buying a wig is the perfect choice for you.

Clip-Ins – The Least Permanent Option

The clip-in hair extensions or known as “clip-ins” usually come in a strand of pieces that are attached to the base made of silicon or fabric. Then there are clips attached to the base. All you need to do is clip the pieces onto your hair. The clip snaps open and close which will make it easier for you to wear them on your own.

Tape-In – Semi-Permanent Extensions

Another type of hair extensions are the tape-ins. They are already pre-taped when you receive them. All you have to do is to glue or tape them on your hair. Unlike the clip-ins, tape-in types of hair extensions will need an extra pair of hands. You cannot simply do this on your own. It needs to be aligned with the roots of your hair and are seated in place using a tool that can heat up the glue.

Sew-Ins For Most Permanent Option

The sew-ins are also called weave hair extensions. To wear this, the natural hair needs to be braided into cornrows first. Then the technician will use a needle and thread to sew the weave into the braided hair. Only those with thicker natural hair are advised to choose sew-ins. However, you should expect that this can be uncomfortable for some.

This is a tight application method that can put so much strain on your scalp. Also, only an experienced hairdresser can do this for you. Still, this is considered as the most permanent option because the hair is sewn into your own hair. That means it will not come off easily.

Why Use Hair Extensions?

There are so many reasons why many are considering hair extensions. But the most common are for length, color, and volume. So if you want to change your look or you have problems with it, then you can consider having hair extensions instead. But of course, you need to know which hair extension types is the most appropriate for your needs. Consider the ones mentioned above as they are the most popular choices these day


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